Rocky Shores Exhibit at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Visitors enjoying the polar bear pool at new Rocky Shores exhibit at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Copyright Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo has experienced record attendance for 2012, thanks in no small part to the addition of the beautiful new Rocky Shores which opening on 1 June.

Covering 3.5 acres, Rocky Shores is an $18 million, state-of-the-art facility that features a polar bear, three grizzly bears, harbor seals, California sea lions, river otters and bald eagles.

Hogle Zoo is nestled along the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. That beautiful landscape was utilized in the layout and design of the new exhibit, designed to look and feel like the Northwest Coastline and Cannery Row.

The polar bear and pinniped pools are filled with 320,000 gallons of temperature-controlled salt water and 95 percent of that water is recirculated. Miles of pipes rest below Rocky Shores and provide the filtration for the pools.

Harbor seal enjoying a swin in the new Rocky Shores exhibit at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Copyright Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Rocky Shores has numerous view points and different perspectives: A boardwalk overlooking the pinniped pool lets guests spot the speckled seals swimming upside down; Tide Water Cove Amphitheater allows keepers to do demonstrations with the pinnipeds and also offers a great place to rest tired feet and eat ice cream; and floor-to-ceiling windows in the underwater viewing building offer impressive views of both pinnipeds and, next door, the polar bear.

The polar bear pool was designed with different depths and levels in mind so guests get the best views of the bear whether she’s wading or diving.

Big Bear Meadow has a fresh water stream – a favorite of the three yearlings who often entertain visitors wrestling, and dunking each other’s heads underwater.

Rocky Shores also features Shoreline Grill, a gourmet hamburger stand offering homemade fries, burger and brats.

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