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Saving the Gray Ghost of the Himalayas

We also raised the topic of the snow leopard in our elite writings on the site and wanted to post an article on this topic here as well. The plight of the endangered snow leopard is a familiar story. There are only a few thousand individuals left in the wild due to hunting for their fur and bones, which are used in traditional Asian medicine. In addition, as … Continue reading

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Great White Shark – Toes Out of the Water as You Read This Post!

I remember hearing a story of a boat captain who used to take intermediate scuba diving students off-shore for their first open water dive over an old wreck that was sunk to create a reef.  While the already nervous students … Continue reading

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Fly Away: Kori Bustards, Fly-Fishing and Conservation

This week, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo celebrated the hatching of its 50th kori bustard chick. This little one represents a great milestone in a bigger story of protecting this impressive bird species from dwindling numbers. Kori bustards are the heaviest … Continue reading

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Back from the Brink – Little Known Prairie Species Rebounds

Conservation stories are not hard to come by these days, but one that jumps out at me every time I see it involves efforts to save one of North America’s most endangered mammals, the black-footed ferret.   The ferrets once ranged … Continue reading

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Making the Connection

Almost everyone has childhood memories of visiting a zoo or aquarium. At times you might have been hungry, tired from walking, or annoyed at your brother from throwing dirt in your hair (speaking from experience). But none of those minor … Continue reading

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Fact: A Chilean Frog that is Stranger than Fiction

Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction – and when you hear the story about the remarkable Darwin’s frog (Rhinoderma darwinii) and the efforts that are taking place to save it, you will know what I mean. Dante Fenolio, PhD, the … Continue reading

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Protect Our Oceans: Be the Change You Want to Sea

Yesterday might have been World Oceans Day, but it’s important to celebrate the ocean year round. The ocean links humans all over the planet and provides us with countless resources, including food, climate regulation and most of the oxygen we … Continue reading

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Bronx Zoo Debuts Przewalski’s Horse – Highlights Zoo Efforts to Save Endangered Equid

   The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo recently welcomed a new Przewalski’s horse foal.  Born in May, the new horse can be seen with the rest of the herd in the Wild Asia exhibit from the zoo’s monorail. Przewalski’s horses, which … Continue reading

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Indian Rhinos in Omaha

One real advantage of zoos and aquariums is their ability to connect people to animals that most of us would rarely have the chance to see in the wild.  A great example of this recently came across my desk here … Continue reading

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