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Saharan Carnivores

For me personally, this topic has always been overwhelming and even I had to buy phd dissertation at from the best writers. My paper was perfect and my knowledge of the subject improved. The desert regions of the world are often viewed as wasteland – however, on closer inspection, they often prove to be suprisingly diverse and fragile ecosystems that support a wide range of wildlife.   And if you think of deserts, perhaps the first … Continue reading

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The Heart of a Gorilla

When I think of heart disease, I usually associate it with people – but given the similarity in our DNA with great apes, perhaps it not all that surprising that it is an issue that they deal with as well.  … Continue reading

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Guinness and the Turtles Go Home

When you turn on the news or read the newspaper, it seems that most of the stories deal with scandals, violence, or celebrities.  It is nice to come across a story about talented people doing meaningful work in a humble … Continue reading

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Understanding Florida’s Gentle Giant

The Florida manatee is protected by both the Marine Mammal Protection and the Endangered Species Acts.  These animals typically graze and travel alone, but are able to migrate to warm water in colder months and find other manatees to socialize … Continue reading

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Lion MRI – The Power of Partnerships

Animal health, care and well being are central to all AZA accredited zoos and aquariums – a recent event at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids Michigan highlighted this along with the power of partnering with other institutions.      Docha, … Continue reading

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Running the Cheetahs

Enrichment is a term that you will often hear about in reference to animals in accredited zoos and aquariums, but what does it actually mean?  AZA’s Behavior Advisory Group (BAG) has defined enrichment as a dynamic process for enhancing animal … Continue reading

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Bringing Butterflies Back

On 24 June, I participated in the last of six workshops in the Imperiled Butterfly Conservation and Management (IBCM) professional series wrapped up at the Chicago Academy of Sciences’ Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  This truly was a grand finale, as … Continue reading

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Glacier Run – Orphaned Polar Bear Qannik’s New Home

The Louisville Zoo‘s new Glacier Run exhibit is the new home for an orphaned polar bear cub who was found on Alaska’s North Slope in April.  The five-month old Qannik (pronounced Ken’ick) arrived at the Zoo in late June and … Continue reading

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