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Meet the Director of Animal Operations: Pete Mohan at the Akron Zoological Park

Describe your job: Oversight of animal husbandry at Akron Zoological Park. How long have you been in the position? Two years What in your background helped you get the job? Previous management experience What’s your favorite thing about job?  Participating in exhibit … Continue reading

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Innovative Stem Cell Therapy Gives Animals New Hope

Back in July, Explore highlighted the importance AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums place on animal care and well-being with a story on the power of partnerships.  This week, I’d like to feature a story of hope based on good science. Five … Continue reading

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Why I Heart Emperor Penguins

Today’s special pre-holiday guest blogger is Cheryl Wallen, AZA’s meeting planner.  Cheryl travels the country visiting accredited institutions to plan and organize AZA’s meetings.  If you’ve ever visited her office, you will know she has an affinity for penguins. Here’s why.  … Continue reading

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Meet the Ungulate Keeper: Lindsey Moseanko at the Sacramento Zoo

Describe your job:  Day to day care of zoo’s hoofstock and macropod collections.  It includes feeding, cleaning, animal training, enrichment provision, employee training, and acting as a liaison between the animals and vet staff. How long have you been in … Continue reading

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Meet the Veterinary Technician: Alice Rohauer at Buffalo Zoo

Describe your job:  I am the veterinary technician at the Buffalo Zoo.  My job includes caring for sick animals in the hospital wards. More specifically, I am responsible for the monitoring and surgical preparation of animals under anesthesia, blood collection, … Continue reading

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The 2011 AZA Photo Contest Winner

About the Photo This Caribbean flamingo image was taken late in the afternoon immediately following a typical South Florida thunderstorm and at a time when Zoo Miami’s flock of flamingoes was displaying their peak breeding coloration.  As the storm clouds … Continue reading

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