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Saving Baloo: Zoo Boise’s Work With Sloth Bears

Have you buy book reports as it is quite popular among students? Speaking of books, there is news about a wonderful character. Commonly attributed to the character “Baloo” in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, the sloth bear has a long history alongside humans. Unfortunately, its history outside of children’s novels hasn’t been so heartwarming. Dating back to the 13th century, sloth … Continue reading

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Meet the Wildlife Photographer: Julie Larsen-Maher, Staff Photographer at the Wildlife Conservation Society

Describe your job: I am the sixth person to be appointed staff photographer for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) since its founding in 1895, and the first woman. In 1991, I began my career at WCS, headquartered at the Bronx … Continue reading

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Add Green to Your Halloween!

Halloween should be fun, but every year it gets scarier – for parents and the planet. From the discovery of lead in fake teeth and candy, to chemicals in costumes, to the garbage left in the holiday’s wake, Halloween hasn’t … Continue reading

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Meet the Curator: Ken Howell, Curator of Rainforest Exhibits at the National Aquarium

Describe your job: I manage the Upland Amazon Rainforest, portions of the Amazon River Forest exhibits, and the Sea Cliffs exhibit.  In order to care for the various exhibit inhabitants my staff includes aviculturists, herpetologists, and a horticulturist.  I am … Continue reading

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Understanding Africa’s Painted Wolves

“What is that woman doing?” I remember asking myself that as she got out of her car to shoo away an African hunting dog (Lycaon pictus) that had emerged from the African bush to smell her car tire. Doesn’t she … Continue reading

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Conservation Medicine: Protecting Public and Animal Health

West Nile virus, avian flu, E. coli, sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), HIV – we hear these household names all the time.  These diseases are constantly in the news because they are zoonotic – shared between animals and humans. Recently, … Continue reading

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Meet the Keeper: Melissa McCartney, Primary Keeper for Ungulates at the Sacramento Zoo

Describe your job:  Within my institution I work daily on the care, enrichment, and operant conditioning of the Zoo’s collection of hoofstock, macropods and ratites. That includes developing and preparing diets, cleaning and maintaining enclosures, training the animals to voluntarily … Continue reading

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CONNECT with Elephants

  I remember the first time I saw elephants in the wild.  It was in Kruger National Park in eastern South Africa. I had been in the park for three days – and oddly enough, had yet to see an … Continue reading

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