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Meet the Outreach Coordinator: Lara Kirkendall, Sacramento Zoo

Today we meet Lara Kirkendall the Outreach Coordinator and Interpretive Center Supervisor at the Sacramento Zoo.  Describe your job: I manage the Interpretive Center, where all the live animal programming happens. I am responsible for the care, feeding, maintenance, and … Continue reading

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Seahorses: In Need of Protection

With their horse-like head, stunning colors, and wrap-around tails, it is easy to be intrigued by seahorses. It’s not only their striking appearance that makes them unique – unlike most fish, they are monogamous throughout the mating season, and courtship … Continue reading

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Meet the Section Chief, Medicine: Caryn P. Poll, DVM, at John G. Shedd Aquarium

Describe your job: I am a veterinarian covering preventive, urgent and emergent care for the large and diverse collection of resident and quarantine animals as well as communicating diagnostic plans and results with the animal care, management and curatorial staff. … Continue reading

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Going Green

A number of accredited zoos and aquariums recently made news with their sustainability programs – proving that it’s possible to reduce their impact on the environment, without increasing their operating costs. The first LEED certified zoo: Happy Hollow Park and … Continue reading

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Meet the Curator: Stephanie Allard, PhD, Curator of Research and Animal Welfare at the Palm Beach Zoo

Dr. Stephanie Allard, Curator of Research and Animal Welfare at the Palm Beach Zoo in Florida. In today’s post, we meet Dr. Stephanie Allard from the Palm Beach Zoo in Florida – another one of the thosands of dedicated people working … Continue reading

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Turtles and Aliens

Western pond turtles raised at the Oregon Zoo were released into the Columbia River Gorge earlier this week. This is an encouraging benchmark along the way toward saving an endangered turtle species that in the not-too-distant past was teetering on … Continue reading

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Meet the Conservation Program Manager: Maggie Reinbold

This week we meet Maggie Reinbold, the Conservation Program Manager at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Describe your job: I act as the liaison between San Diego Zoo researchers and the community, focusing the majority of my efforts … Continue reading

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Organized Crime Devastates Wildlife

Much of what I write about deals with the good work that zoo and aquarium professionals are doing in order to save wildlife and wild habitats and by and large that will continue to be the focus of this blog. … Continue reading

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Meet the Curator: Christopher Kuhar at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

In a new feature for the Explore blog, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of the people who do all the hard work at AZA accredited zoos and aquariums.  In the first of these profiles, … Continue reading

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