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Seahorse Survey in Hong Kong

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK) recently showcased its leadership in seahorse conservation by reporting the results of a seahorse survey in local waters, where six seahorses of one species were found. The Foundation also revealed significant new milestones slated to … Continue reading

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A Seahorse Symposium

Every year, over 20 million seahorses are taken from their habitats to be used for medicinal and commercial use, causing concern that wild populations of seahorses are dwindling.  As an update to the post on seahorses we ran back in … Continue reading

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Seahorses: In Need of Protection

With their horse-like head, stunning colors, and wrap-around tails, it is easy to be intrigued by seahorses. It’s not only their striking appearance that makes them unique – unlike most fish, they are monogamous throughout the mating season, and courtship … Continue reading

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