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Horned Puffins Stretch Their Wings at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

When we write our prime essay on the site, there is a frequent topic of study in which we learn a lot of cool information. Like this one about birds.A new species of the feathered kind debuted at the Oregon Coast Aquarium this week when three horned puffins waddled out of their carrier into the Seabird Aviary. This is the first time the Aquarium has exhibited horned puffins. These … Continue reading

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The Human Dimensions of Conservation: Global Conservation Leadership Program for Youth-Botswana

Botswana’s subsistence farmers often lose their crops, their property, and sometimes their lives when elephants move outside protected areas. The country’s economy has become increasingly reliant on wildlife-based tourism, but most community members lack opportunities to benefit from this industry. … Continue reading

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Oregon Zoo Breaks Ground on Elephant Lands Habitat

Golden shovels were on hand, but the Oregon Zoo broke ground elephant-style: with a 30-ton excavator. Construction of the 6.25-acre Elephant Lands habitat — the most ambitious project in Oregon Zoo history — officially kicked off with massive displacement of … Continue reading

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Spotted Newts at Home at Prospect Park Zoo

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Prospect Park Zoo is now home to five Kaiser’s spotted newts (Neurergus kaiseri) a colorful amphibian found only in a five-square-mile region in Iran. The critically endangered species may be extinct in the wild. Habitat loss … Continue reading

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Live Theater Delivers Important Lessons About Ocean Conservation

Milwaukee might be thousands of miles from an ocean, but boy do we have a Great Lake. Our city sits on the western coast of Lake Michigan, which stretches beyond the horizon for about 118 miles. So you can excuse us … Continue reading

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World Oceans Day Events at AZA-Accredited Aquariums and Zoos Raise Awareness of Ocean Conservation

You’re invited to dive into ocean conservation by joining aquariums and zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8. “The AZA’s 222 accredited aquariums and zoos are actively engaging millions … Continue reading

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Denver Zoo Welcomes Przewalski’s Horse Foal

Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered Przewalski’s (sheh-VAL-skee’s) horse foal, born on the morning of May 31. The unnamed foal, whose gender is still not known, is not only the first birth for mother, Yisun, and father, Bataar, but also … Continue reading

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