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Denver Zoo Welcomes Przewalski’s Horse Foal

Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered Przewalski’s (sheh-VAL-skee’s) horse foal, born on the morning of May 31. The unnamed foal, whose gender is still not known, is not only the first birth for mother, Yisun, and father, Bataar, but also … Continue reading

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Enjoy Family Time at Your Local AZA-Accredited Zoo or Aquarium This Holiday Season!

Over the holidays, families come together in the spirit of the season. Whether you are the one traveling or playing host, you might be looking for something to do that the whole family can enjoy.  This year, we invite you … Continue reading

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AZA Zoos Unite to Address Human-Wildlife Conflict in Africa

Human-wildlife conflict is a serious obstacle to wildlife conservation worldwide.  As human populations increase, development expands, and the global climate changes, people and wildlife are forced into greater direct competition for shrinking resources. Recognizing the critical need for wildlife professionals to address escalating … Continue reading

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AZA’s Green Summit

Around the world, zoos and aquariums are demonstrating leadership in sustainability, and discovering there are significant advantages to their operations, while actively reducing the impact their institution has on the environment. Beginning on March 27th, leaders from accredited zoos and … Continue reading

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Join the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to Get the Scoop on the Power of Poop!

Read the summary on Storify! Next week, AZA members will come together in Palm Springs for the AZA Mid-Year Meeting, featuring AZA’s second annual Green Summit. As part of the Green Summit, Denver Zoo, winner of last year’s AZA Green … Continue reading

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