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Meet the Senior Wild Animal Keeper: Yvetta Pokorny of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo Ornithology Department

When asked to describe my work, I want to tell about two positions in my life. One of them is a writer in a company where students buy custom essay online and it was a very wonderful experience writing papers in natural sciences. Then I would call it the job of a lifetime. I have the privilege of taking care of many different species of birds. I oversee the Ostrich House and the Pheasant Aviary at the Bronx Zoo as well … Continue reading

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Adopted! Baby Orangutan Accepted by Surrogate Mother

After months of around-the-clock hand-raising by a team of 50 trained care givers, Aurora – the Houston Zoo’s baby Bornean orangutan – has finally been adopted by surrogate orangutan mother, Cheyenne. Aurora was abandoned by her mother, Kelly, shortly after … Continue reading

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Meet the Education Supervisor: Amy Stephens at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Describe your job:  No two days are the same when you’re a zoo educator! From teaching a Critter Tale class to hosting Read Across Oklahoma Day, nature education comes in many forms.  The tools of this trade, like animals, artifacts … Continue reading

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Meet the Carnivore Keeper: Maicie Sykes from Lake Superior Zoo

Describe your job: Daily care of the Zoo’s carnivores including brown bears, polar bear, harbor seals, North American river otters, Amur tiger, African lions, snow leopard, siberian lynx, puma, gray wolves, snowy owl, great-horned owl, and silver foxes. Care includes … Continue reading

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National Geographic Blog Focuses on Zoo Animals

National Geographic magazine contributing photographer Joel Sartore has been working on a personal initiative, the Biodiversity Project, which has taken him around the world to document a wide range of animals. Over the last six years he has created a … Continue reading

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2012 International Elephant Foundation Grants Backed by Zoo Donations

On January 9, the International Elephant Foundation (IEF) and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) announced support for 19 elephant conservation projects for 2012. This year, IEF will provide over $225,000 to support elephant conservation around the world, which … Continue reading

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Indian Rhino Birth Offers Hope for Endangered Species

As a follow up to my post last week on the surge in rhino poaching last year, I thought I’d note some good rhino news out of Zoo Miami .  In late December, after a nearly 16-month pregnancy, Kalu, Zoo Miami’s … Continue reading

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Bats: A Misunderstood Friend

From sucking blood to getting tangled in your hair, there are many myths surrounding bats.  In reality, bats are remarkable animals that play an important role in the environment. As the only flying mammal, bats use echolocation to navigate easily … Continue reading

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Surge in Rhino Poaching

2011  was a bad year for rhinos.  In October of 2011, the javan rhino was declared extinct on mainland Asia – the last female found dead with her horn removed.  According to the Mail & Guardian, a leading South African … Continue reading

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