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Eastern Black Rhino Calf Thrills Visitors at Lincoln Park Zoo

  Lincoln Park Zoo’s newborn Eastern black rhinoceros calf thrilled zoo guests as he took his first steps outside at the Harris Family Foundation Black Rhinoceros Exhibit. A little timid at first, the calf quickly followed his mom’s lead and … Continue reading

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Partnership in Action: The Mara Elephant Project

The Mara Elephant Project is working to positively effect the human-elephant relationship in the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem while setting up an anti-poaching strategy to save African elephants.  The demand for ivory, particularly in Asia, poses a real and growing threat to … Continue reading

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Surge in Rhino Poaching

2011  was a bad year for rhinos.  In October of 2011, the javan rhino was declared extinct on mainland Asia – the last female found dead with her horn removed.  According to the Mail & Guardian, a leading South African … Continue reading

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Saving Baloo: Zoo Boise’s Work With Sloth Bears

Commonly attributed as the character “Baloo” in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, the sloth bear has a long history alongside humans.  Unfortunately, its history outside of children’s novels hasn’t been so heartwarming. Dating back to the 13th century, sloth … Continue reading

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Organized Crime Devastates Wildlife

Much of what I write about deals with the good work that zoo and aquarium professionals are doing in order to save wildlife and wild habitats and by and large that will continue to be the focus of this blog. … Continue reading

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