A LEGO® Safari at the Bronx Zoo

A lego hornbill at the Bronx Zoo. Copyright Julie Larsen Maher, WCS.

When: Saturday, July 7 through Monday, September 3

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo is taking visitors on a conservation journey through Wild Forest: A LEGO® Safari featuring incredible LEGO® wildlife sculptures and activities for the whole family.

The zebra sculpture. Copyright Julie Larsen Maher, WCS.

LEGO® Master Builders have created a safari of LEGO® brick wildlife sculptures on display along a wooded path near Zoo Center. Visitors will see lemurs, a tiger, hornbills, rhinos, gorillas, flamingoes, a giraffe, and other exotic wildlife along their trek and can visit their real-life counterparts throughout the zoo.

The safari brings to life the challenges faced by wildlife due to habitat loss and real threats to their survival. The goal of the program is to connect young minds to nature and inspire visitors to help build a future for wildlife. 

At the LEGO® Construction Zone at the Dancing Crane pavilion, visitors will be able to construct LEGO® wildlife sculptures and take part in the construction of a mystery mural. Guests can work with LEGO® Master Builders one weekend a month on the Reptile House lawn.

In addition to the LEGO® fun, the Wildlife Theater will perform for guests as along the safari path. Guests are also invited to create their own animal prints and puppets based on the zoo’s African animals with the help of artists from the Museum for African Art. 

Tim Lewthwaite

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One Response to A LEGO® Safari at the Bronx Zoo

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