Making the Connection

Boys in Flower Gardens exhibit at Texas State Aquarium.

Almost everyone has childhood memories of visiting a zoo or aquarium. At times you might have been hungry, tired from walking, or annoyed at your brother from throwing dirt in your hair (speaking from experience). But none of those minor irritations mattered when you got to the exhibit of that special animal. It might have been a tiger, and you were awed by the power that you knew was behind those beautiful eyes. It might have been an otter, and you were mesmerized by playful acrobatics in and out of the water. It might have been a snake, where your fear turned into a strange fascination and you couldn’t look away.

The connections between animals and humans are what make aquariums and zoos so special. Sadly, there are increasingly fewer places where interactions between nature and humans occur, and it is essential to recognize how zoos and aquariums inspire and educate families and communities.

The significance of these special places is not lost on Senator Ben Nelson. As a strong supporter of zoos and aquariums in Nebraska, he introduced a resolution to the Senate (S. Res. 132) recognizing and honoring accredited zoos and aquariums in the United States. The resolution highlights the significant contributions that zoos and aquariums are making nationwide and in local communities and commends the hardworking staff and volunteers who make it all possible. You can read the text of the resolution here.

We need your help to increase the number of cosponsors on this important resolution. Please take a moment and visit AZA’s Legislative Education Center to send a letter to your Senators today.

Underwater Viewing Room at Dolphin Bay at Texas State Aquarium

Once you’ve done that, why not reconnect with your favorite animals this weekend? AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums are having lots of special events and discounts this weekend for Father’s Day, as a part of the White House Fatherhood Initiative. Experiencing the wonders of the animal world is a great way to bring families together.

Linda Cendes

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