Red Panda Arrives at Chattanooga Zoo

Wen-Dee who will arrive at the Chattanooga Zoo on April 3, 2013.

Wen-Dee who will arrive at the Chattanooga Zoo on April 3, 2013.

The Chattanooga Zoo  welcomes another red panda, 13-year old Wen-Dee, to her new home in the Himalayan Passage exhibit. Wen-Dee hails from the Kansas City Zoo where she was recommended for relocation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Program (SSP). Possessing the country’s largest indoor red panda exhibit and a staff specifically trained in geriatric care, the Chattanooga Zoo was the first choice for placement of the red panda.
Despite being of advanced age and struggling with both seasonal and psychogenic alopecia, Wen-Dee is in good health and is intended to serve as a companion animal to the Zoo’s current 15-year old male red panda, Nigalya. AZA’s Red Panda SSP Coordinator and Knoxville Zookeeper, Sarah Glass notes “we are grateful for Chattanooga Zoo’s willingness to provide a home for an aging red panda with alopecia. Our SSP has placed several red pandas in the Chattanooga Zoo’s care and we feel confident in their ability to provide a healthy and compassionate environment for Wen-Dee.”
Chattanooga Zoo CEO, Darde Long, adds that “all of us here at the Zoo feel honored and privileged to add Wen-Dee to our collection.” When asked about Wen-Dee’s alopecia, Ms. Long replied “Wen-Dee’s sporadic hair loss is not a concern; we all have bad hair days. Wen-Dee is a healthy 13-year old red panda for which our staff is uniquely qualified to care.”

Tim Lewthwaite

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