Meet the Director of Animal Operations: Pete Mohan at the Akron Zoological Park

Describe your job: Oversight of animal husbandry at Akron Zoological Park.

Pete Mohan, Director of Animal Operations at the Akron Zoological Park. Copyright Akron Zoological Park.

How long have you been in the position? Two years

What in your background helped you get the job? Previous management experience

What’s your favorite thing about job?  Participating in exhibit design exercises.

Describe a favorite memory/experience in your current position:  Continued favorable public response to both a jellyfish gallery opened in 2008, and the zoos exhibitry in general.

Do you have a favorite animal? Why is it your favorite?   I have many favorites:

Sharks: because I was previously involved in husbandry research.

Corals:  I enjoy the diversity and teaching opportunities associated with living coral exhibits.

Cats: I’m a ‘cat person’.

Primates:  My educational background is animal behavior and this was a favorite study topic.

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