Meet the Director of Education and Sustainability: Kristen Cytacki at the Palm Beach Zoo

Kristen Cytacki, Director of Education and Sustainability at the Palm Beach Zoo. Copyright The Palm Beach Zoo.

Describe your job: I direct the Zoo’s education department and oversee our sustainability program. I am also the editor of our membership publication the Palm Beach Zoo Magazine.

How long have you been in the position? I have been at the Zoo since 1997 and in my current position since 1999.

What in your background helped you get the job? My degree in biology, coupled with my experience in environmental interpretation and management.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? I really enjoy watching new parents bring their babies to the zoo for the very first time. You can see how excited they are to share the animals with their new little ones.   

Describe a favorite memory/experience in your current position: Handing out medals to the winners at our annual Science Fair for Special Needs Students. I cry every year.  

Do you have a favorite animal?  I love them all, but I would have to say that right now our new Malayan tiger cubs are my favorites!

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4 Responses to Meet the Director of Education and Sustainability: Kristen Cytacki at the Palm Beach Zoo

  1. Guillermo Perez-Vargas says:


    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for everything you do for the Palm Beach Zoo.

  2. Sandy Rooney says:

    Hi Kristen, Every month, your presence, make the board meetings a happy place to be. Thanks for all your efforts for the zoo. Sandy Rooney

  3. kane baker says:

    Hi Kristen, I echo Sandy and Guillermos sentiments and am looking forward to a good year,with excellent board- employee relationships.Thanks for your guidance.kane Baker

  4. Steve Wing says:

    Hey Kristen: What a great pic! Thanks for your help with the Bats!


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